Last day of term…..Surprise!!!!!!!!

So there I was, teed up for the day with my ethically sourced and fully licenced movie titles *cough* ready to be played to an exhausted non-uniformed cohort of children with restless everything syndrome. I’ve never done it before, but my colleagues were doing it so I caved. You’re never too old to experience peer pressure apparently.

Period 3 arrives, in walks an SLT member from a partner school doing a development secondment. 

“I’m here for your observation – you were expecting me weren’t you?”








Sure – no problem.
Quickest lesson plan in history ensued.

It went brilliantly. Can’t beat an off the cuff revision lesson.

Was he fooled…….Absolutely not.

Lesson learned?…… Yep.

1) Read your emails properly

2) First and last time I attempt the lazy option. 

Have a good holiday people!


The joy of marking mocks…..

Yay, exam season is just around the corner so it must be time to mark those highly indicative mock exams *groans*. 

I appear to have been hit with the good luck stick and have a mere 120 scripts to mark. Again – yay.

I’d like to say I have a quick win technique here. I’d like to.

Unfortunately my coping mechanism consists of little and often with the TV/YouTube on in the background. One question at break, two guestion at lunch and 3 questions after school. At this rate I get through almost a set of papers per day – on a good day, bearing in mind they’re split into two piles.

You’d never recommend it to your pupils would you (?) – but then in all fairness for some of them doing any work in their own time at all would be an improvement!

My aim is to get them done in the next two days before the Easter break. We’ll see………

Do you have any quick wins or tips when your paper marking spikes?